Too Complicated

"Too Complicated"

I'm too complicated to know myself fully, why do I need the attention of
someone to just get bored with after I have seen them through?
I have read you in just a few meetings and a few words, you tell me what
you want me to know....sometimes its too little and other times its too much.
I find myself already knowing where this will end before it truly began.
Love, I can't sit here and try to fix you when I have yet to mend my own
wounds. Dayam I am drawn to you, but you can't begin to keep my attention
because I am too infatuated with wanting to Love Me, so I give you the
generic version of what I need for myself, which leads us both in a chaotic
web of confusion.
I one day want to grab you, allow my body to vibe with yours, sweating hot
saucey sexy sweat but the next I can't really stand to see you because I
know this is just a fleeting escape from dealing with me.
Wow, how do I crave attention just to reject it. Like a drug I fiend for,
just to be disappointed once I get my fix. Its time for rehab.....

Listening to: "Rehab" by Rihanna


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