The Power of the Pen (Therapy)

      A pen and a pad are all I have, so I write. I write whatever comes to mind; I write about heartache, I write my pain, my jealousies, my doubts, my fears and my cheers. I rant, I rave, and I fight. Even if its just one word, I write. My crazy thoughts, some good others sad, the hilarious spasms of my brain, if insanity creeps in, I jot that down as well. The darkest of the dark I transcribe it painfully on that pad with this pen. This is what keeps me going and that is what keeps me sane in the midst of all the pain. Tip toeing around depression and dodging insanity. I have no one to talk to but I have this blank paper and my therapeutic ballpoint pen.

~Blue Strawberries

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