Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Dream like no tomorrow, Live because some will follow"

When human beings begin to stop interacting on a personal level,
we shut off the blessings that are intended to flow through this spiritual exchange with one another.
That is Communion
The Sharing of ourselves, our thoughts and our views. With Love.
Share the good news.
Human interaction feeds the soul. So don't be selfish with yourself.
You never know who's soul you'll fuel light through or who in fact will feed you.
So if you choose to keep your love locked down you really do loose.

Dream like no tomorrow, Live because some will follow.

*Let's not let modern technology alienate us from one another.Think about it.

Hebrews 10:25

Chelsea G.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Physical Attention Alone is Trouble

Oh Yes Darlings, physical attention can really get you in a twist. Twisted and confused, horny and amused at yourself and what you would be willing to put up with. That you would get involved with another and know clearly well this other, this being could definitely provide great physical attention, but the other side of that coin just isn't there. No mental stimulation, no enlightenment, no true connection. You may even find yourself listening to the blah blah blah's of nothing significant that you wouldn't even give your energy to or even stress over. But ohhh no you find yourself justifying "there is no one else around right at this moment of fleshy lusty lustful fulfillment", so you will always call on them to BUST.
So I ask....is it worth it?
Music: "Something in The Water" by Prince 

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Merchandise is Valuable

My church service hit right to the heart of my soul yesterday.

Sometimes what we need hurts, it is scary but its the best thing for us in the long run. The Creator gives you not what you wanted at the time but what you needed. This builds character.

A virtuous woman. Virtue root word means to twirl or to spin the Hebrew meaning: wealth, strength and value. We have to go thru some things and be developed. We then gain Understanding. We then glow with Virtue, we then KNOW & BELIEVE in the ability that the Creator gave us.

God has given us the ability to create the wealth(worth) in our lives. So Get a revelation of what God has truly placed on the inside of us. BELIEVE in YOUR WORTH. BELIEVE IN YOUR VALUE. INCREASE WHAT IS ALREADY THERE IN YOU. TAKE ACTION, DREAM BIG AND GO AND KNOW BY FAITH.
When you know your ability it wipes away any jealousy there's no need for it. Roll with the punches. And use the negative forces of energy or people against them.

The message stressed that Life starts when we begin to understand who we are and what we were created to do. We must believe in our ability and daily remind ourselves that "My Merchandise is Valuable". We must have a "Entrepreneur Spirit", something that I had just been stressing to my girlfriends the previous week.

AGAIN We are creators and we must Believe what God has placed inside of us and walk out on Faith.

Discover what you thought was lost. It was never lost in the first place. We have to remember to Believe. Renewal of the mind and begin to think differently!

This was it in a nutshell
Don't be afraid of the success that you asked for. ~Chelsea
*i wanted to send this to all of my friends on here but that would take a min and I need to go out here and be Virtuous! ;-)

Thank you Toure Roberts!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Relationship De'ja' Vu

I get a phone call out the blue
Next thing you know I bump into you
So Impromptu
De'ja Vu'?
Dinner for two, realize I love you
Mental wordplay turned to foreplay
Next thing you know we were breaking day
Ooh De'ja Vu'
I see you
We meet
We talk
We screw
My relationship De'ja Vu'



The sail of the ship of man's being is belief.
When there is a sail, the wind can carry him
To place after place of power and wonder.
No sail, all words are wind.


Stop the Ku Klux Klan

Stand Up Rise Up Ku Klux Klan (Original) Walking along just kicking stones, Minding my own business, (business) I come, face to face...