"Dream like no tomorrow, Live because some will follow"

When human beings begin to stop interacting on a personal level,
we shut off the blessings that are intended to flow through this spiritual exchange with one another.
That is Communion
The Sharing of ourselves, our thoughts and our views. With Love.
Share the good news.
Human interaction feeds the soul. So don't be selfish with yourself.
You never know who's soul you'll fuel light through or who in fact will feed you.
So if you choose to keep your love locked down you really do loose.

Dream like no tomorrow, Live because some will follow.

*Let's not let modern technology alienate us from one another.Think about it.

Hebrews 10:25

Chelsea G.


  1. as I was saying people dont have time..but we must maketime...Things are moving at lightning speed...Lots to do but doing nothing..The duality of LIFE Sucks sometime!


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