Blue Strawberries

What a rarity, a unique beauty.  Have you ever noticed one?  
Would you know her if you met her?  
She is as sweet as any, if not sweeter.  
If you came across her would you pick her out of the bunch and toss her or would you recognize her for who she truly is, nurture her, let her grow…freely, without judgment and tell her what a wonder she truly is.  She is delicate and different yet rooted in the same vine.

Blue strawberries; are we worthy of your love?

This poem was gifted to me in a whisper by the true Source, the Grand Creator God Almighty as I laid on my sofa in my California apartment one late night in 2006. First the name came "Blue Strawberries", I laid there wondering and asking what is it? Why did you place this in my mind...I didn't force the answer, I was patient as I had learned to be when "receiving" from the "Source". Then the words started to come, I sat up reached for my pen and pad. I began to write. The voice said write your story and all who can relate will.  
Indigo, azule, blue is the color of the throat chakra a voice, speak, truth.
This has been a journey and I can not wait for the world to receive it. I am ready.



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