You Can Never Be Dead

Once upon a time, there was a young kid of 10 years old. At midnight, his mother started looking for him. He was not in his room…not even in the house. Worried mother went to streets to look for him & finally found him sitting in a graveyard.
Mother asked him what he is doing in a graveyard at this wee hour of night. “Don’t you feel scared among these dead people’, mother said.  Kid replied, “If I feel scared of dead people, I would be scared during the day walking around everywhere. People are living a dead life. It’s in graveyard that I see people have finally appreciated the beauty of life. All the bodies here have realized the value of life & regret how they wasted their life. I’m meditating here to understand the depth of life so that I don’t live a dead life either.”  The kid continued, “this is a place to sit & understand the science of life. We finally have to come here. Then why waste our short life in monotonous things. Why get jealous of your own friend’s success? Why get angry everyday & regret later on? Why run after temporary things of life?”
The kid has given us the golden mantra of life that we can never be dead. If we understand the purpose of life & live it to the fullest, then we can never be killed. What gets killed is our individuality in our herd mentality. If we become aware & start living a non-programmed life, then each moment brings an undefined beauty. ~Chandresh Bhardwaj


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